FAQ - Where do I find my WebPlus.net FTP details?

1. Go to Serif.com and login to your online account.

2. Once you've entered your details, click Your Account. You will now be redirected to your account.

3. At the bottom of the account options page under My WebPlus Hosting, click Manage my WebPlus Hosting Accounts.

4. You will find your FTP details for your website under Updating Your Website.

5. Below is an example of how your FTP details should be entered into WebPlus

6. If you can't remember your Web Hosting password and need to change it, click here
7. Once you've entered your FTP details into WebPlus, Click OK.

8. Select your FTP details from the FTP Account drop down list and click Test.

9. If you've entered the correct FTP details, you will receive the following message:

10. If you've incorrectly entered your FTP details or your password is wrong, you will receive the following message:

For more information about setting up FTP details in WebPlus, click here