FAQ - How do I set up an email address with Webplus.net hosting?

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This article is now archived. Please visit the Create an email account article on CommunityPlus for an updated version.

If your website is hosted with Serif, you'll have at least 1 email address that you can use. The level of customization, and mailbox size limit, will depend on your hosting package. 

Silver hosting packages only have one email address which corresponds to your subdomain. For example, if your subdomain was seriftutorials.webplus.net, then your email address would be seriftutorials@webplus.net. 

Gold or Platinum hosting packages allow more flexibility. You can have up to 10 email addresses with increased mailbox storage and your email address will correspond to your full domain name. For example, if your domain name was seriftutorials.co.uk, then your email address would be admin@seriftutorials.co.uk. With this address, you can log in to your control panel and create new email addresses.

For more details about the hosting packages and benefits available to you, visit www.serif.com/hosting.

Setting up an email address is really easy to do. To find out more, you can watch this video.